API change management
Bump intelligently identifies any structure change inside your API definition, and proposes a set of tools to help you synchronize your team around those changes.

Automatic API changelog

Bump automatically builds a changelog for your API. Each time you upload a new version of your API definition, you will have a new event in your changelog. A link to the changelog page is available on each documentation:
The changelog link
As you can see below on the Bump API changelog, every changes we made are listed: whether it's a structural change (endpoint or parameter removed, modified or added for example) or a content change (description or example modification).
Bump API changelog

Visual diff

Visual diff lets users get a contextualized view of what changed in their API, directly from the documentation.
For example in our own Bump API documentation, we've updated the documentation on 2021, August 10th to include a new attribute on a specific endpoint, as you can see on this visual diff page:

Breaking changes identification

Bump automatically identifies when a change is breaking for your API consumers. Here are the changes considered as breaking:
    Rename or delete endpoint, unless it was deprecated before
    Rename or delete a property (body, header or query parameter), unless it was deprecated before
    Modify the type of a property
    Set an existing property as required
    Add or delete a security requirement

Changes notification

Bump can notify changes via Slack, email or RSS.


Each time your API changes, you can notify your team directly on Slack by activating the Slack integration in your API settings:
Check the "Notify changes on Slack", fill your webhook URL and the channels you want to get the notifications on


Users can subscribe to your API changelog and receive a weekly digest.
Email changelog subscription


The changelog page exposes an RSS feed your users can subscribe to. Here is an example with the Bump API changelog.

GitHub integration

With our Github Action, you can receive automatic API diff comments directly in your pull requests. This pull request comment will include:
    a diff summary
    information about the breaking change state
    a link to a visual diff page
GitHub integration example
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