OpenAPI support
We both support OpenAPI 2 (Swagger) and 3, but sometimes with specificities.

Not (yet) supported properties

Partially supported: securitySchemes (V3) / securityDefinitions (V2)

We support OpenAPI securitySchemes property (securityDefinitions with openAPI v2) with these authentication type values:
  • http
  • apiKey
  • oauth2
  • openIdConnect
We do not support mutualTLS. To describe a mutualTLS authentication method, please use the x-topics property for now.


We do not support anyOf statement, and won't in a near future. Introducing anyOf would imply to support kind of a “or” statement, which is particularly complex to handle and restitute from an UI point of view.

Add topics to your documentation

As this is not supported by OpenAPI, we created a custom property to enrich your documentation. Find out more in our dedicated section.