What is Bump?

Bump is an API contract management platform that helps document and track your APIs.

Bump allows you to easily generate your API documentation and API changelog. From an OpenAPI or AsyncAPI specification, you can deploy your API documentation in a couple of minutes. Some UI customization are available (title, colors, menu), you can protect your documentation page with a password, customize the URL with your own domain.

Share the link of your documentation to your API consumers and help them to never miss an API change again. Indeed, they will have the possibility to track your API structural changes if they subscribe by email. Once a week, if your API changed, subscribers will receive a changelog digest of your documentation. Curious? Here is the API documentation changelog of our own API.

To make the most out of Bump, we suggest to integrate our tool in your development process. We offer a Command Line Interface and Continuous Integration examples to let you: view API diff during code review thanks to our Github Action, Bump will automatically comment your pull requests with changes digest, then once merged we will deploy your changes directly to your documentation page.

If you work in a multiple services environment and have many different APIs, we got your covered. You can organize, mix your OpenAPI and AsyncAPI based documentations, in a developer Hub. You will thus have all of your APIs listed in one place. Check our demo “Train company” hub for a live example.